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Thin space in word document
Thin space in word document

Thin space in word document

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document in thin word space

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normal and then edit the final clean document changing the language settings. I would like to insert in my Word document typographical spaces, such as a thin space and a hair space. I work on documents where scientific units are used, and need to know how to insert a 'thin space' between numbers and units, as required byIs there a way to insert a thin space in Word?4 posts11 Apr 2007Re: how do I type a thin space in Word?2 posts16 Jun 2006thin space or hair space3 posts7 Mar 2006More results from Thin Spaces (Microsoft Word) - Microsoft Word › WordTips Home › Formatting › Character FormattingCachedSimilarOct 30, 2014 - Thin spaces are a typographic device that allows you add a bit of space between elements of a document. Why not look at modern word-processor documents to see how PC users set type? There are companion documents that address topics too long to be included While Word has a special character for 1/4 em space, there is no thin space (so Jan 5, 2010 - Almost all the modern word processors support a variety of space character behaviors to let document editors easily use the required type of Aug 19, 2013 - This little document lists the various space characters in Unicode. . shows the appearance of the space character, in the sense that the cell contains the words U+2009, THIN SPACE, foo bar, 1/5 em (or sometimes 1/6 em).There are no thin spaces available A thin space is a blank typographic unit equal to one-fifth (sometimes one-sixth) In Microsoft Word and other word processors, within the symbol dialog (often have to use this space which is nowhere to be found in Word. Some of these only exist as Unicode I need to be able to type a thin space in the expression '37 °C', Word? I've scoured Word Help to no avail, and I found no reference toHow do I insert a thin space in a Word document 4 posts8 May 2008Is there a way to insert a thin space in Word? - Microsoft 6 posts11 Apr 2007thin space or hair space - Microsoft Office Word Forum 3 posts7 Mar 2006More results from www.wordbanter.comThin space? - Serif Software › Design and Publishing › PagePlusCachedSimilarOct 4, 2005 - 13 postsHow can I insert a 'thin space' character in PP? .
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